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My Approach







Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and to learn more about me.  I look forward to our work together.

We all long for a homecoming!  I am here to help you find yourself by losing yourself to the Truth of God’s Word.  Do you want to change your brain?  God can rewire our neural pathways in a miraculous healing process when we intentionally focus on Him.  Let’s start this journey of healing together by focusing on the One solution.

At times, the feelings of helplessness, uncertainty, irritation, and hurt can be overpowering. Your situation may be difficult, and may even feel hopeless to manage it in a God-honoring manner.

I gradually learned how to create proper boundaries, how to confront and when to forbear, how to combat evil with good, and how to let go of all the bad messages that were swimming around in my brain.  These are just a handful of the lessons I had to learn for myself and those I hope to pass on to you through my resources.

My prayer is that God would use me to advocate for a group of individuals who have been marginalized and oppressed, as well as to provide biblical and practical methods to help them become healthy and repair their relationships. I don't want the next generation to make the same mistakes as their predecessors.







I am a doctor of Psychology, licensed clinical social worker, consultant, and relationship coach who specializes in spiritual and personal development, marital improvement, conflict resolution, depression, grief and trauma.

I would like to walk with you in this journey of spiritual growth where you learn to trust only God and learn to rely on his ample provision.  And even if your circumstances don't change, your relationship with God will and this will make all the difference!

I think that God has a greater purpose for us than we can fathom, and when we adopt His viewpoint in our life, we can easily overcome a defeatist attitude.  When we connect to His will and his calling for us individually, we move from tunnel vision on the problem to a wide lens view of the One solution.

Contact me about coaching if you need help establishing a wise, mature mentality in the face of confusion and doubt. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to be able to help you find your way.

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